Vote Your Conscious and Be Heard

Vote Your Conscious and Be Heard

Each candidate for office is vying for a position to "represent you".

Ask yourself, no matter how many terms they have held or which presidential candidate they support, "Will this candidate really listen to me?" and "Will this candidate answer my questions after I listen to h/her?"

We need to elect candidates who commit to engage with citizens...not just talk at us with polished videos and mailers (funded by campaign donors or, if elected, by taxpayers).

R2BH will never endorse candidates because we hope that you will always "vote your conscious" based on your research, beliefs and priorities.

Beyond personal beliefs and priorities, however, BeHearders have a sort of political revolution going on...we believe that regular, unscripted, open and advertised in-person, as well as, online meetings and forums are a requirement for any candidate wishing to hold taxpayer-funded elected office.

Because of that, Right2BHeard will oppose candidates, from the local to the federal levels, who refuse to meet this basic obligation.

We can do this.

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